Weekend update

We've had a couple amazing weekends that remind me I'm a lucky girl.  First of all, I'm reminded how much I love my husband.  I could not have asked for a better partner than the one I've been blessed with.  It sounds corny but I can honestly say that I'm more in love with him than the day we married.  Okay enough of this sappiness.

Last weekend, which in all my pity party I forgot to mention, turned out to be better than expected.  An old coworker and her husband, who moved away for him to do his residency, came to visit us from Fresno.  They stayed with us from Friday to Sunday morning while they visited with other friends.  Before they left, we'd gotten together a couple of times for double dates but it was always obvious she and I were much closer.  Last weekend though the guys really came out of their shells.  By the end my husband was walking to the store in the middle of the night to bring back British delicacies for dessert.  Then as soon as they left he began to plan for me and him to visit them up North before their baby is born.

It's also a busy birthday month for us, so we also planned on having lunch with my mom and her husband then had a BBQ with our godson and his parents.  This weekend we finished off the celebrations by cooking dinner for my father-in-laws birthday Friday night and barbecuing Saturday for my nephew's fifth birthday.  Then on Sunday Babe and I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to see the hot air balloons launch for the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival.  It really was an amazing sight.  After that, we met up with some friends to do some wine tasting at the vineyards they're members at.  By the time we got home, a little after five o'clock, we were both hot and tired.  So rather than taking a nap like we should have, we jumped in the pool for a quick swim and sat down to listen to the rest of the Kings v. Blackhawks game.

The highlight of my weekend, spending time with all my nephews.  They're getting so big and I missed them so much. It's been a month since I've seen my sister and her sons last.  A month isn't particularly long, but when little MKV is only 6 weeks, a lot can change in that time.  I held him practically all day long and Babe kept looking at me and smiling.  At one point I asked him what he was thinking and he responded "you're just so ready for this.  I'm sorry we don't have one of our own yet" and kissed my forehead.  

What a perfect weekend.


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