Yes we want a baby, no we haven't tried relaxing

This weekend I got THE question by more than one person.  "So when are you going to have a baby"?  The first time was when I was having lunch with my mom on Friday afternoon.  She didn't ask it rudely and was careful because she had an idea we were trying.  With her I spilled my guts.  If I can tell strangers on the interwebz, I can sure as hell tell my mom.  She was very sweet in her responses and even said she thought something was up but knows it's a very sensitive subject.  There was even a point that her and I laughed at the "relax, it will happen" go to response.  I'm glad we talked.

Then on Saturday, I went to a baby shower to celebrate N's baby girl due in August. As I was saying my goodbyes, her mom quietly asked about Babe and I.  I very discreetly said we wanted to but it's not coming easy. She asked if I'd been working with a doctor like her daughter had.  I responded that I definitely was and N had been a great resource. She said it will definitely happen for me and as long as I relax, I should see results.  Oh my, haha.

I'm finding that the more I put it out there, the more help and support I get.  I definitely don't like the attention, but I genuinely prefer it over the awkward stares and shushed comments about babies around me.  


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