Test results unnecessary

After two months of prodding my doctor's office for my progesterone test results, I finally hear back from them yesterday.  According to them, the test would only confirm ovulation in any particular cycle.  It wouldn't assess your progesterone levels on that specific cycle day to know if you have enough.  The nurses response "you can assume you ovulated on day 14".  

I probably should have just been grateful they responded to me after 5 attempts and left it at that.  But it really irks me to give out such blatantly false information.  Because of my IF, I try to be informed about my cycles.  Not only do I know for a fact that my cycles are NOT 28 days and I DO NOT ovulate on cycle day 14, I know very few do.  That generic estimate is exactly why I was irritated with them when they suggested 21 day (what they assume to be 3/4 cycle) progesterone testing.  I kindly responded to the nurses email with "unfortunately like many women, my cycle is not a standard 28 day cycle therefore 'cycle day 14' is misleading".  

Although I was nice and thanked them for responding, it would have been better if I just kept my "mouth" shut.  It's just so exasperating.


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