About Me

Babe and I were married in 2009 during a dream ceremony in the Dominican Republic.  Okay maybe that's a little cheesy so let's go back to the beginning.  My husband and I began dating 4 years before that when he was my boss at a bank.  After two years of dating and a two year engagement we jetted off to Punta Cana with 25 of our closest friends and family for a week long vacation and a little wedding.

Nine months later, no not a baby, a house!  We moved 40 miles from our hometown and made it home.  After both of us secured jobs closer to home and enjoyed the lives of Unco (what my nephew lovingly referred to my husband until recently) and Auntie long enough, we decided we wanted a little monkey of our own.  So in October 2012 we kicked the pill habit and stopped "practicing".

The Debbie Downer in me was scared from the beginning.  Being a mom has been all I've ever wanted out of life.  For some that's a sad ambition but not for me.  I've always wanted kids and lots(ish) of them.  So when we first started trying I was convinced that it would be nearly impossible to have kids of my own without ever having been told that by a professional.  As the months wore on only one line appeared time after time.  After 9 months with no success we sought help with my doctor.  Then in 2015 we moved on to an RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist). After some testing we discovered that with some help, we had a 5% chance to conceive via an IUI.  We decided to take a chance.  Finally in June 2015 we got the greatest news ever, we were going to be parents!

In real life it took a lot to share our struggles with the world.  My blog chronicles each step in that process and even through parenthood.  Although this started out as an infertility blog, be prepared that it doesn't end that way.  I'm journaling my way through everything here and that includes all the nitty gritty.  So sit back, relax and welcome to my life.