Thank goodness we decided not to test this cycle because I would totally be freaking out.  According to Fertility Friend I haven't ovulated this cycle.  Never mind the obvious thermal shift above the 98.0° coverline.  It was so strange because as I entered in the data on cycle day (CD) 22, the Fertility Friend app confirmed ovulation for CD 18. However the next day when I entered data for CD 23 I received a message that read "Your pattern has changed enough for Fertility Friend to re-assess your interpretation.  Your data no longer shows an ovulation pattern that we can identify."  

What's even more bizarre is that was not my first temp post ovulation that was at the 98.0° mark.  As you can see from the chart above, I also had one on CD 21.  I guess it would have actually been better to have tested with OPK's but oh well.  Right now I'm just biding my time until my next cycle starts.


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