Planning flops

I'm a little frustrated today but I'm trying to bite my tongue and save myself a battle.  Last night Babe and I had a long discussion about some mutual friends that I don't particularly enjoy hanging out with.  There are a few reasons I would rather make plans with another group which I won't get into a lot of detail about here.  Most of them are legit while I know others are childish complaints like them only ever going out where and when they want to.  Anyway, I still genuinely feel my reasons are valid and that they should be taken into consideration when making plans.  Lately however, as I've grown to dislike these outings more and more, Babe is pushing them harder and harder. He's wanted to do almost everything with them.  I'm at the point where I'm asking if he could just make the plans to not include me which he thinks, and I agree might be awkward.  I just wish we could find a happy medium and not spend every waking moment with them.  

It doesn't help that I'm also pretty peeved that our fourth of July plans have fallen through.  This year I really wanted to swap the personal firework show our friends put on with a trip somewhere.  In May I started to bring up the idea and at Babe's request even put together a list of places, prices and schedules.  We finally narrowed it down to Big Bear and San Diego.  Both were reasonably priced and only required a one night stay...back in May at least.  I finally got him to decide on San Diego and we decided to make the offer to his brother's family.  Well, his brother is understandably busy with a toddler and infant and after 2 weeks still hasn't made a decision.  Last night I finally told Babe that I was just going to book and let them know where we were staying.  Only now there are fewer local hotels available and the rates are almost twice what they were.  So that leaves us with staying home for the weekend and piddling around the house like we do.  I'm a little disappointed that we couldn't get this off the ground sooner. Hopefully next year it won't be so difficult.  


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