So I've come to realize the life of advocating your own health is a never ending cycle.  I mean you could have the bestest, kick ass doctors or kindest insurance company but you'll still always have something go wrong.  It's one of the many reasons I absolutely HATE infertility.  

Since receiving the letter from my medical group denying my procedures in April, I've done the following:

  1. Spoke to insurance company verifying my benefits and finding out what has and hasn't been charged to them by the diagnostic medical center.
  2. Left a message for my medical group asking to please review the coding.  I never received a return phone call by them.
  3. Spoke to my OB/Gyn's office to see what diagnosis was on my chart.  They said it was the referral company who chose the coding.
  4. Left a message for the referral company to review the coding.
  5. Received a call from the OB/Gyn's office on behalf of the referral company stating that they cannot change any coding and said I need to speak to the medical group.
  6. Spoke to the medical group who said they just charge whatever the doctor and lab agree upon to insurance.  If there is a denial, like in my case, they send a letter to the patient about the cost incurred.  They agreed to contact the OB/Gyn's office on my behalf since they've already told me they've done all they could and because they're contracted together.
  7. Called the diagnostic medical center and was directed to their billing company who happens to be the referral company.
  8. Called the referral company to discuss the coding.  They agreed to put my case before a review board and request changes to the coding be made. 

Eight separate phone calls and not one of them resolving the issue.  I wouldn't be surprised if I have to make another eight until there's finally a resolution.  The suckiest part about all of this, during more than one conversation I received a couple of snide remarks about infertility and was made to feel inferior.  As if I don't already, they had to throw a couple of underhanded comments regarding my medical history.  Mind you all of this for just a couple of basic tests.  I can only imagine the frustration couples feel running into similar dead ends with more important procedures.  

On a side note, today was the first time I publicly responded to a comment regarding our infertility.  I posted a picture of us with our nephews this weekend on FB.  An old coworker of mine who I keep in contact with commented that I would be a good mom and asked when we were planning on having kids.  My response "Nothings holding me back. Unfortunately it's just not happening for us."  It felt right to say it out loud and let other people see it.  


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