Some people are assholes

Being 29 years old, overweight and childless is not exactly what I'd call fun.  It's even less fun when your boss sits down next to you to ask if you're wearing maternity pants because you've layered a tank top under your blouse and it looks like a belly band.  She then proceeded to reach down towards my stomach at which point I swatted her hand away.  

WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?  Especially what woman asks another woman something like that?  I heard a joke that unless you see a baby hanging out of someone elses vagina, you never ask a woman if she's pregnant.  But that's so true.

This isn't the first time for me, as it's happened at another place of employment many years ago.  And surprisingly it was when I was much thinner, 30 lbs to be exact.  That time I was written up after the fact for not being nice to the customer and coworker who continued to harass me about it.  Harass is not an exaggeration in that case either.  My husband and coworker have urged me to file a harassment complaint today but I'd be too afraid considering what's happened in the past.  It just really blows.

So thanks boss for making my actually nice Monday morning shit.  Oh and thanks for rubbing in my IF whether intentional or not.  Really, this has been great


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