Since I started the summer 4/40 schedule this year, I've been excited about changing up my boring task list oriented Friday's to spending time with my sister and nephews.  For weeks I'd been planning for this Friday.  Even going so far as to purchase the fabric to upgrade my sisters nursing cover for her in time. Except yesterday I got a call from her cancelling this weeks plans.

She explained that the family would be visiting a friend out of town on Friday night and Saturday and needed to free up the afternoon.  As always I understand that she's busy and needed to change plans.  But as the night wore on and I shared the update with Babe, I started to feel more sad than anything.  Since my nephew has been home from the hospital, I've seen him two times.  I miss his big brother and my sister too.  I feel like I'm missing so much of their lives. Of course I can't say that for fear of making us both feel bad, her for defending motherhood and me for not being able to.  It's happened before when my husband made the innocent remark to her that I was "going through withdrawals".  

I'm hoping I won't have to wait too much longer before I see them again.  


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