Summer starts

This weekend was definitely jam packed with all sorts of craziness.  I was able to finish all the burp cloths on Saturday and only have packaging left.  So far I've sent an email to one person only and have already sold two.  Not a bad start. I'm so happy with the way they turned out.  Plus they were a great way for me to practice my sewing.  

The last two are a bet Babe and I made.  He seems to think if I avoided cutesy patterns, not only will I sell them, but men will personally buy them.  I can't remember what exactly it is we bet, but I'm pretty sure I'm winning whatever it is.  

Today we started our 4/40 schedule at work.  I definitely wasn't looking forward to the long days but now that I have some Friday's planned with my sister and nephews, I'm super excited about getting through the week.  Hopefully I'm not exhausted by the time Friday rolls around.  


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