Perfecting burp cloths

After selling my first batch of burp cloths last week, Babe and I decided to restock my fabric.  So he (reluctantly) and I spent a couple of hours at Joann's Fabrics on Saturday morning looking for the perfect combinations of quilting cotton patterns and flannel.  We decided on four cute pastel tops, two flannel bottoms, two skull and cross bone cotton fabrics (my husbands contribution) and one very pretty blue and white chevron flannel.   I realized that if I kept my cutting to 20" x 11", I should be able to get 6 per yard. With that, I should have enough fabric to make 37 burp cloths not including the fabric I still had left over.  

Once I got home I started working on an official pattern with poster board I purchased from Dollar Tree. The first pattern was a little off center and had a very small cutout.  After some adjustments, I cut enough for 6 burp cloths before I realized the new cutout was much too large.  In fact, I was even hoping to modify the cloths so they doubled as bibs when the baby got older.  With the larger cutout, that wouldn't be possible.  

Last night I finished up the original six and went to work on an improved pattern.  This time, I was meticulous about symmetry and sizing the cutout just right.  I then used the pattern to cut out enough for 2 burp cloths only.  I'm so happy with how the last two came out.  I think I've found the perfect pattern for the rest of them.  Thursday I plan to cut out the rest of the fabric so that all I have to do is sew.  Then I need to decide if I'll be adding velcro or snaps if I want them to be convertible to bibs.

Here's just a taste of the few rejects and successes I've made in the last couple of days.  You can definitely see the difference in the cutouts from the cars in the front to the monkeys in the back.  


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