Handmade burp cloths

Last night I finally got around to packaging my handmade burp cloths.  After asking around, I've decided to start the pricing at $10 each.  Since I don't know exactly how much this batch cost me to make, I feel like this price would give me a good buffer.  Hopefully I'm not overpricing them enough to make people shy away from buying them.  

The final product is about 20" x 11" at the widest parts with variations due to being handmade.  There are six in total with five different styles.  Thankfully I had enough scrap fabric to make all of these.  In fact I have a little left over of the purple, blue and white minky.  Just not enough cotton or flannel to make more at this time.  

The hardest to make was the blue/monster style because of how thick the backing was.  The easiest by far was the double flannel.  At least now I know what to expect on future batches.  

I'm really happy with how they all turned out.  Now I just hope others are as well.  


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