I warn you, this post is chalked full of too much information.  More information than you probably wanted to know about a quilter but fine if you're familiar with IF language.

Earlier in the year we decided that the month of June was going to be a no try/no prevent month for us.  I'm still taking my temps to be consistent and maintain the habit  But it means no tracking cervical mucus (cm), no taking ovulation tests, timing intercourse and no Pre-Seed or soft cups.  Our decision isn't really based on the best reasoning, it's to avoid having another birthday to celebrate in March.  Don't get me wrong, I love everyone in my life that has a birthday in March.  It truly is a wonderful month, busy, but wonderful.  

Anyway, when I write down my temps on the chart I keep on my bedside table everyday, I find it hard not to peek at what cycle day I'm on.  Or when I wipe, looking to see if my cm has an egg white consistency.  I even suggested, although we were tired, to fool around last night because of it.  Honestly though, there's definitely no harm in skipping one month of it all.  I can already see it's lightened a load from Babe.  No pun intended.  


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