Blood and water

Family relationships are hard.  They're more involved, more emotional, have a ton of history and very few filters.  But they are just that, relationships.  Like every relationship you have to choose to cultivate it.  It takes just as much work if not more to maintain them from other relationships.  We all know how they can be much trickier than other relationships as well.  

I'm a big believer that blood is not always thicker than water.  You get in what you put out and if family doesn't want a relationship with you or only wants what you can give them, it doesn't mean you have to stick around to be their fallback.  

Lately it's been difficult dealing with some.  I'm trying really hard to be supportive and I'm sure I'm lacking a bit.  I also feel though that there's an expectation of me to always be there whenever they're in need of something.  That I should be the one put on the back burner when plans change.  Only now, it's starting to really hurt.


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