It's only Tuesday

Yesterday my boss pretty much avoided me after our little incident.  I was grateful I didn't have to speak with her though.  Then she went and publicly pulled another incredibly rude move which left my coworkers jaws on the floor. From that moment on it was safer for both of us if we just steered clear of each other.  

Usually I vent to Babe about my work stories and he tries to lighten the mood with jokes about it all.  Well he pulled up to the house and I jumped in the car so we could grab dinner together.  Halfway down the road he jokingly asked if I was wearing maternity pants and rubbed my stomach.  I must have given him the death stare because he immediately pulled his hand away but proceeded to joke that he at least did the hand thing too.  It was anything but funny and I basically laid into him that he was being just as rude.  When we stopped at the next light I was so close to getting out of the car and walking back home.  But since I knew it would just make things worse I decided against it.  

When we got to the restaurant Babe sincerely apologized for making jokes about it.  He thought I may have been upset because it was "too soon".  I pointed out that he could do it 5 years from now and it still would never be appropriate.  Timeliness has nothing to do with it.  

I can't wait for this week to be over with already.  I'm so beyond done.


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