Take ALL the tests

After this weeks busted cycle I decided to buy the economy pack of Wondfo's.  The pack includes 100 ovulation predictor kits and 30 pregnancy tests for a low low price of $34 or 26¢ each.  Which means I can test my ovulation for one week each cycle until next August if I wanted to.  That also means that I won't be as concerned peeing $7 away if I want to take a pregnancy test more often.  

The problem is, do I really want to know.  With this last failed pregnancy I'm a little discouraged and a little saddened that it resulted in a miscarriage.  Had I tested the morning I woke up vomiting to see two pretty pink lines on a First Respose, would my pain be harder to bare?  In the future is that something I want to put myself through so I at least know for sure?  I'm really torn on how I want to handle that in the future or if I want to take it cycle by cycle.

Besides the IF life, I got a text from my friends last night who are pregnant with their second baby.  Tuesday they found out their little bundle is going to be another boy!  Unfortunately during a recent blood test they found that her AFP levels were high so they tested for spina bifida which they didn't find.  They did however find a cyst on the babies head so now they're looking at the baby possibly having down syndrome.  Right now they're just in a waiting game while the results come back.  If anyone else is reading this, please, please keep my friends and their baby in your prayers.  


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