Throat punch Thursday

One more day and one more disappointment.  My temperatures are slightly higher than yesterdays but still at the baseline.  Thankfully I realized rather quickly that the appointment for blood work is in a few short days.  Pair that with a busy weekend and holiday and I may not even be thinking about it much.  

I realized the other day how much I'm in love with my nephews and nieces.  It made me wonder if being their auntie would be the closest I'd be to having kids of my own.  Would that be enough for me.  Recently I was told by both my sister and sister-in-law that the instant love you feel for your own children is indescribable.  Though if I never know it, I won't know what I'm missing out on.  

Although I'm hopeful a lot of the time, there are days that my heart feels heavy for the years that may still lay ahead.  


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