Here we go again

Sometimes I get so frustrated with my husband that I start to think, will things get worse and is this really the time to be thinking about having a baby.  Then there are other times I'm frustrated to the point of realization.  No wonder we're always on each others nerves, it's only us two 24/7, so we have to have a baby.  Last night was both.  

It was the first time I finally said it out loud.  Babe is not vested in something unless he's involved in the planning process.  If we need to go out and I'm stuck making the plans but something falls through, it's no big deal to him. Vacations that are researched by only me, again no big deal to scrap all the plans and start from scratch.  

This time it was about refinancing the house.  We've been toying with the idea for the last year now that rates have gone down.  I'll admit, I wasn't too keen on the idea a year ago because estimates on our house would have meant we needed a special type of loan.  When I noticed that the same estimates spiked considerably, we decided to pursue it again.  By Babe's request I researched rates from 10+ different banks and compiled a detailed list.  Then suggested a few dates to make appointments.  Those dates all came and went with excuses of being too busy or not wanting to spend a perfectly good Saturday afternoon inside a stuffy bank.  Then last week I noticed that the estimates were even higher than before.  This time I told Babe he would need to make the appointment if we were going to go through with it this time.  I wasn't going to look like an idiot making appointments that we later canceled. So last night when he suggested that I compile rates and make an appointment for Saturday I flipped.  Actually it wasn't that dramatic.  But seriously though, it made me furious.  I tried to remind him of my stipulation and of course he didn't remember.  Then he threw it back at me as if I was in a bad mood.  Like telling a woman she's crazy enough times that she actually starts to act it, you know what I mean.  

Thankfully we were able to talk it out and he understood where I was coming from.  Well at least I hope so because this morning I calculated the newest rates and made an appointment to meet a mortgage specialist this Saturday. Man I hope I don't regret it.  


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