Progesterone planning

When I originally went to this new gynecologist, Dr. R, he prescribed 100mg Clomid and 21 day progesterone testing. Progesterone testing consists of a blood test usually taken 7-9 days after you've ovulated to check that you have enough of the hormone to sustain a pregnancy.  In my case, I feel that the second phase of my cycle, my luteal phase, is at the very minimum which could be attributed to a deficiency.  Since I declined the Clomid for now, I requested that my doctor order new progesterone testing so that I don't end up with another chemical pregnancy. This time they didn't provide me any information on a recommended date.  Instead my research pointed me in the direction of the 7-9 day window which for me is probably cycle day 28.  If I had gone in on cycle day 21 as my doctor originally ordered, I would have been a week too early.  What good would that have done?

I'm trying really hard to like this doctor and not blame him for things that are not his specialty even though I'm basically doing the leg work by asking about medications and testing of my own.  The reality is I'm not just a number and obviously don't have the typical cookie cutter reproductive system.  So instead, I'm becoming my own advocate as always and biding my time until new insurance allows us to see an actual fertility specialist or Reproductive Endocrinologist.  I just don't know which is worse, having gone through 20 months of this already or hoping that the next 7 pass quickly.  


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