Building my library

Last night we took a little trip to the bookstore so I could finally spend one of my birthday gifts.  After a good hour of browsing the bookshelves for new and pre-selected books, I narrowed it down to 3 possibilities.  Since I was with Babe, I decided to ask him to read each of the back covers and choose my next read for me.  After reading all three he urged me to just buy them all! So $40 and a pre-order of "And the Mountains Echoed" later, I walked out of the Barnes and Noble like it was Christmas morning.  The wonderful books I've chosen are...

I wasn't able to find "Gone Girl" on paperback which I've come to realize is the only way I like to read books.  Instead, its fill in is "Dark Places' also by Gillian Flynn.  I've decided that this will be my first read and so far I'm not disappointed.  My goal one day is every nerd girls fantasy, to have a library like Beast does on Beauty and the Beast. A girl can dream can't she.  


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