Yesterday was tough.  Today...well today is different.  Many couples are surprised with a pregnancy after having an HSG done.  It does after all offer a 30% better chance of conception in the cycle it's performed.  I however was surprised this afternoon with an almost $1200 bill for mine.  Instead of billing insurance my HSG for my abnormal bleeding as promised and my ultrasound for abdominal pain, which it was, the lab billed it under infertility.  This after numerous calls to insurance, the doctor and the lab guaranteeing that everything was in order.

As I sat on hold waiting for the insurance company to pick up I cried.  I cried harder than I had in such a long time.  I remember my sister being pleasantly surprised at the hospital after my nephew was born.  Her hospital bill was only $1200 as opposed to $2500 like she was expecting.  For the same price, I had a stranger stick a scope in my cervix and take pictures.  I didn't get to take a newborn home with me.

The woman at Cigna was not to blame so I kept my emotions at bay while I found out what had transpired.  She was kind and provided me with all the information I needed to contact my medical group.  When Babe returned home I cautiously told him what was going on.  He was incredibly understanding and even offered to take me shopping at Target to make me feel better.  Gotta love him.  

We didn't end up in Target and although the problem was bigger than retail therapy, I did take him up on his offer and went to the bookstore.  This months books are...

My plan, other than delving head first into my newest novels, is to get in contact with the person who can change the billing for my claim.  I know we have enough to cover it if we really need to, but it was definitely not expected and we never would have done it if we knew.  

I'm hoping the rest of the week gets easier.  I hope.



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