Beautiful books

I have a bad habit of immersing myself in something so much that it becomes overwhelming.  In the last couple of months those things have been reading and quilting.  I absolutely love reading and for a while will read every waking moment, no exaggeration.  This is especially true if I'm reading a large book and just want to get through it like "A Dance Dragons" (book 5 from A Song of Ice and Fire).  It took me 4 months of reading from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed.  I'm a bit of a slow reader.  Well I ended the book back in February and have yet to pick up a new one.

Until now!  I've been holding onto this gem since I got it for my birthday and finally cracked it open last night.  I seriously can't wait to start reading again.  

After it I have a couple of others I inherited from my mother-in-law that I'll work on.  Then I plan to cash in on another birthday gift, a Barnes and Noble gift card to finally pick up the soft cover release of "And The Mountains Echoed" which comes out in June.  

Now if I can only get back into the swing of sewing to finally finish my burp cloths.  


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