Rather than doing a play-by-play of the past weekend I will just say this, it was crazy busy again but not bad.  Friday morning I got my first positive OPK test of this cycle.  Before we started this whole thing, I imagined conceiving a baby would be somewhat romantic, carefree and hot.  Then somewhere along the line it turned into testing, timing, planning, meds and scheduling sex.  I picture being at an airport security check point and answering "business" to the business or pleasure question.  But Friday, oh Friday.  Friday with all it's planning turned out to be toe curling, mind numbing even.  Don't get me wrong, the sex is always good.  This however, was indescribable.  For a while I even forgot about the Wondfo's I'd peed on twice that day already.

This cycle, since I purchased my stock options in Wondfo, I decided I was going to take a test every day from the 15th day of my cycle until I receive a positive then twice a day until it's negative.  Just like clockwork I got my first positive on cycle day 18 which remained positive until the afternoon of the 19th day.  Now I'm on day 21 and I still don't have a temperature spike.  I plan on taking my progesterone testing either Friday or Tuesday (because of the holiday) but I can't even confirm ovulation at this point.  Hopefully tomorrow will be clearer.


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