The original pink lines

My plan this cycle was to start testing with ovulation predictor kits (OPK) beginning Thursday, April 10th.  Of course when my cervical fluid started to show signs of fertility on Tuesday, the cheap ass in me decided to start a day early with a dollar store test promising myself I would start my very first pack of First Response OPK's the next day.  In the past I've only ever used the dollar store tests since, well, a year and a half of those seems like a cheaper solution than a 7 day $7 pack.  Yeah, just figured that one out.  Anyway, the dollar tree test came back with only one line which is negative according to their very minimal directions.

The next day I opened up my shiny new OPK to pee on.  A few short minutes later my reference line was sharing the space with a lighter test line.  Since I figured I was a pro at it already I didn't bother reading the instructions until after the test was complete.  According to FR, to be positive your test line must be equal to or darker than your reference line.  Mind blown!  All these months of testing and here I am thinking I've had successful ovulation months when all along, none of my tests have come back positive.  Mind you I didn't test every month.  Wow!  I started to worry right away.  Maybe I never have ovulated on my own.  What if I don't this month and I've passed up on Clomid AND I just had my HSG.  My heart sunk a little at the thought that I should have known.

Friday I pulled out another one and sure enough the test was negative.  My mind continued to race.  Saturday after my test came back negative I started to get a sinking filling that it was going to be another 9 months before we could be on the road to fertility specialists.  Until then I would just have to keep taking my Metformin and charting my temps. Sunday morning I wasn't exactly feeling up for the answer but took a test anyway.  For a few minutes I actually forgot about it on the bathroom counter.  When I came back I could see two bright pink lines clear as day.  I'm fertile!!!  I cheered, danced and hugged my husband as hard as I could.  And this wasn't even a positive pregnancy test.  Babe kept looking at me like I was crazy, a look I get often, and then decided to join in on the celebration.

So guess what, my body isn't as fucked up as I thought it was.  Every once in a while, when I need it the most, it surprises me and does exactly what God designed it to do.  J


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