National Infertility Awareness Week, also known as NIAW, is a movement to bring infertility out of the shadows and open up a dialogue.  This year the movement begins on Easter Sunday, April 20.  As it's slowly approached I've considered if and what I should say on my Facebook page.  Talking about infertility is taboo even in 2014 which is silly considering people can talk about their damn kids and dogs all day long.  So it's really important to me to stand with my other IF sisters and put it out there.

After much thought on the subject, I have reluctantly decided against posting anything personal about the subject and here's why.  First, we're not "out" to all our friends and family yet.  I would feel more comfortable and I'm sure our parents would be more appreciative if they didn't find out with everyone else on FB.  Also, since my sister is scheduled to have her baby this week, I would feel awful if A) she felt as though I stole her thunder in any way and B) it made her feel guilty.  Lastly, I'm officially in my two week wait to see if this was the magic cycle.  If it was, I will have posted a week before I expect to start my period.  I want to see if this one works before I start telling more people.

I'm sure these sound like excuses and exactly why the movement exists in the first place.  Honestly, I don't care that much.  All I know is that I'm not entirely ready.  Really what does it matter that I don't come out next week?  In a few days, weeks, months I may feel differently and it will still have the same effect then as it would now.

Want to join the movement?


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