Bring me back to reality

I need to be talked off the ledge right now and I'm only making it more difficult for my husband.  Here's my deal, on Sunday I'll have had 10 high temps as long as they stay high. My breasts have been painful and or tender throughout the week which can just be attributed to PMS symptoms.  But the next part is hard to deny.  For the past three days I've had the tiniest spots of blood while wiping.  Instead of waiting until I got home to verify what they could be in "Taking Charge of your Fertility" I scoured the internet to confirm that it could in fact be implantation bleeding.  All that and I'm finding it hard not to wait until Wednesday to test.  I literally had to write the letters BP on my hand to remind myself to be patient.  If it's negative now I'll just make excuses about it being too soon, etc.  If it's positive, it should still be positive 5 days from now.  I hope.

That has all happened in the last week only.  Then this morning I woke out of a dead sleep, not with an upset stomach but to straight vomit.  I was up for a couple hours fighting the nausea and trying not to get too excited.  So now, I need someone to slap some sense into me.  Tell me how all of those things can be attributed to PMS or my new Metformin medication.  I need to prepare myself to be disappointed when my period or only one pink line shows up.

Man this wait is killing me.


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