Sew many ideas

With both quilts down and a couple other pieces out the door I started to think that I'm really getting good at this.  The quilts are a little on the difficult side and I'm not quite a pro at them yet.  BUT, after a little talking Babe and I agreed that selling some of my items might be something I should do.  For now I'm going to stick to burp cloths and may eventually move into nursing covers, car seat covers and cloth diapers.  Since it's something I've never done, I'm going to test some prices by selling them at work.  I'm thinking I might price them in the $6-10 range since they're much larger than the typical ones.  In the meantime, I need to get my machine serviced and make a good pattern I can stick to.  

P.S. This was accidentally left as a draft even though i meant to publish it 4/22.  Whoops.


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