It's done!

Can I just start by saying how much I love my husband.  He's seriously the most incredible man I've ever known and I love him dearly.  

As you know, I was quite nervous on Friday.  While Babe and I were headed to the office I admitted to him why I really wanted him to come with me.  He said he knew all along.  He continued to encourage me and remind me that no matter what everything was going to turn out okay.  He held my hand up until the moment they called my name and I was escorted into the exam room.  As I expected, he wasn't allowed into the room with us because of the radiology. As soon as the technician introduced herself, all my nerves about the procedure itself vanished.  She was great.

I was asked to disrobe from the waist down and wear two gowns, one to cover the front and one the back.  I then lay on a standard x-ray table (no stirrups) with one technician manning the machine and the other near my feet.  The woman at my feet explained everything as she was doing it and what feelings to expect.  From what I understand I have a tilted cervix so my experience may be a little different than someone elses.  The tech inserted a plastic speculum and proceeded to clean out my cervix 3 times with long swabs.  This felt very similar to a pap smear.  Then she inserted the catheter which caused minimal pressure.  Because of my cervix though, she had to hold the catheter in place for the duration of the test which I don't think has to be done for everyone.  She then began pushing the dye through a little at a time all while the other tech took x-rays.  Once all the dye was in, which by the way was incredibly uncomfortable but not painful, she asked me to turn slightly to my left and my right for x-rays.  Finally it was over and the tech released the dye.  She also was kind enough to ask if I wanted my husband in the room when they went over the slides.  Yes!  My preliminary results showed that both tubes were clear and although she didn't seem alarmed, it looked as though my left side (the side I feel pain and the side I tend to ovulate on) was a little slow going. I was given a large pad to wear for the car ride home or for however long the dye kept leaking.  There was also a little spotting for the next two days which I'm told is perfectly normal.  

When Saturday came around I was ready to be done with all the poking a prodding.  My ultrasound was scheduled for 2:15 and since the lab is only 4 minutes from my house I planned on going alone.  Babe on the other hand had planned all along to come with me.  As before he wasn't allowed in the exam room with me but that was okay.  I wanted the tech to be able to do whatever it is she had to do.  Before we started I explained that I had a sneaking suspicion that I have endometriosis and she actually said it may show up on the scans (further reading explained the cysts it causes will show up not the tissue itself).  So we started with a regular abdominal ultrasound.  Then after peeing out all 32 oz of fluid that was required, I was given a trans vaginal ultrasound.  The tech wasn't too talkative and only told me that I should expect to receive my results by the end of the week.  

Other than being at the doctors we had a really great double date with some friends this weekend.  Plus in preparation for the next few weekends being chaos we did a lot of needed house and yard work.


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