Baby making potion no. 9

I've been looking forward to this cycle for the last 6 weeks and it's finally here.  Unfortunately for me it feels like I've put all my eggs in one basket (no pun intended).  If we don't get pregnant this cycle, I'm afraid of feeling let down.  I finally started my cycle on Thursday.  With it I started a new med regiment.  I'm taking 100mg of Metformin, 50mg baby asprin and folic acid.  My HSG is scheduled for Friday at 3:00 and an ultrasound for Saturday at 2:15.  The ultrasound isn't part of the equation but I have been feeling a lot of pain in what I'm guessing are my ovaries and this is the first step to look at them (speaking of, I'm actually having a lot of pain right now in my right side).  If it's endometriosis it won't show up on the ultrasound but the test to see that is way more invasive than I'm ready for.  Anyway, after all that, I plan on using ovulation tests then Preseed and Soft Cups to help things along.  Sorry that's probably much more information than anyone on here wants to read.  

The great thing about this combination is that my basal body temperature has been the most steady I've ever seen since charting.  Rather than being all over the place I've had a slight increase since day one and in the last 3 days it's been consistent.  No huge dips or spikes which is a first for me.  I'm hoping that the rest of the cycle stays pretty predictable and that this magic blend does the trick.  If nothing else, I hope we get one step closer to having the answers we need.  

So here's to positive thinking and a really great week/month!  


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