A little warning would have been nice

I'm a little more than irked right now but I know I'm being stupid.  Last night I received a cryptic message from the lab where I will be doing my HSG.  The message was verbally clear but not entirely logical.  Think Miss Teen USA South Carolina.  During the message I was told I would need to bring a pregnancy test with me taken the night before and not to have unprotected sex for "a time period".  Since it was such a confusing message, I called back.  I wasn't able to speak to the girl or office that originally contacted me but after some prying I was able to find out that the "time period" was from the first day of my cycle.  They also told me to try calling the office back the next day to confirm all the information.  

When I called today I found out that the time frame was indeed from the first day of my cycle through my test.  In my case that's 8 days, for others it could be up to 11 days.  I assumed like a pap, I shouldn't do anything with Babe right around the test day but not for 8 days.  Thankfully we have been too tired this week to get around to it.  Had we had sex I could have totally blown the test this cycle which would have made me even more pissed.  The reason for the restriction is if you get pregnant, the test WILL abort the baby.  How is this not the first thing you tell people when making the appointment.  Interestingly enough, when I called to make the appointment, I was very adamant about asking if I had any restrictions between day one and day eight.  Nope, nothing. 

I really know I shouldn't be as mad as I am considering nothing actually happened.  Just the thought that they could be so careless about it is a huge problem to me.  Okay, I need to calm down and be thankful this cycle isn't a bust.  


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