Monkeys and monsters

I'm so excited today for many reasons.  Today is my Friday and I only have 2 1/2 hours left to go.  Thanks sis for scheduling your c-section on a Friday!  On that note, I'm also excited because we get to meet my newest nephew tomorrow morning.  Lots of prayers are being said today for my sister, the doctors and everyone else involved.  And just in time, I finished his little quilt.  

I'm not usually one to toot my own horn but I must say, this is by far my best work yet.  I love everything about this one. The colors are just perfect, the size is just right and the backing was such a cute find.  I can't wait to give it to them.  

Tomorrow morning I plan on waking up at 4:00 to take the hour and a half drive to Kaiser where my sister is delivering.  She's supposed to check in at 6:00 at which time my mom and I will be in charge of my older nephew the monkey.  The surgery is scheduled at 7:30 and should take ninety minutes as long as everything goes well.  If anyone is reading this, please keep my family in your prayers.  

Not to undercut the exhaustion my sister and brother-in-law will be feeling, but with such a tiring weekend ahead of me I really hope I can get to bed early tonight.  I still have some straightening up to do around the house also known as walking the house at a 5 year old's height to see if any Easter candy is lying around. It never fails, we always catch him already awake and eating from a box of Unco's stash.  Then lucky me, I had 3 dashboard lights come on while I was driving to work.  Which means I either have to trade cars with Babe for the day or get it handeled tonight after dinner.  I'm already tired thinking about it.  


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