Yesterday was my first appointment with Dr. R, my new OB/Gyn and I cannot express how relieved I am.  First let me start by saying this.  I was so worried about the little bump I felt that I went home to check again before my doctors appointment.  By the time I checked, the bump was no longer there so I didn't bring it up to the Dr.  I will however keep monitoring it and let them know if it shows up again.

So back to Dr. R.  He was actually fairly impressed by what I brought to show him including Babe's semen analysis results.  Plus he read them for us without Babe even having to be there.  He said based on that alone it looks like it may take us a tad bit longer but that he wasn't particularly concerned about it since they looked pretty good still.  He also agreed with me on my charting that although I've ovulated in the past that my last few cycles don't look like I did.

The plan going forward is an HSG and then an ultrasound to see what is causing the pain in my left ovary.  Then we're going to start on 100 mg of semi monitored Clomid.  I'm actually thinking of taking half of that to start with since the side affects are not great.  I should probably mention this to him first though.  And to top it all off, he's removed the infertility diagnosis from billing so that insurance doesn't automatically deny it like they did the last few.

I left his office feeling accomplished.  After 4 months of doing absolutely nothing, it's a good feeling to have a strategy.

Update:  I just received a call from the doctor's office approving my HSG and telling me to make an appointment when I'm ready.  What a difference!


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