Celebrate good times

Sorry for skipping a day.  I read somewhere that you should try to blog every weekday which has been really good for me.  The only problem is, my life is pretty boring and sometimes I just need to be inside my head for a little while.

Anyway, it's been almost a week since my birthday and I still haven't talked about what we did to celebrate.  So Saturday night we met up with 15 of our friends and family to have dinner at Shoguns in La Verne.  On a side note, I'm usually the first one to say big dinners or birthday celebrations are annoying.  Except it was really great to be with everyone.  So when we got there I let Babe do the checking in.  By the time everyone arrived and we were ready to sit down, Babe confided in me that they had lost our reservation and he was about to blow it if they couldn't seat us.

After dinner a handful of us headed over to Piano Piano, a local dueling piano bar for drinks.  We actually didn't have a reservation here but were able to find a table anyway.  The bar was a blast!  And bonus, my friends K & L didn't realize you had to put money with a request to get people to go on stage.  Thanks to that, I was never called to make a drunken fool of myself in front of everyone.  I can do that on my own.


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