"It's your own experience"

I've been mulling over these words a lot lately.  They were said at the Super Bowl game from one pregnant lady to another.  One (W) apparently had severe morning sickness all day long for her entire pregnancy and the other (R) didn't.  W shared her experience without complaining, just matter of fact.  When R began to talk about hers, she hesitated and said she couldn't exactly complain since W had it much worse than her.  W's response, "it's your own experience though".

For an IF person, there are many triggers ranging from hearing pregnancy announcements, babies, quotes and the list goes on.  The biggest of them though, is the complaining pregnant woman.  The woman who's mild discomfort makes every IF wish she could experience.  I've seen fights break out over this sort of thing.  And although I understand why they get upset, I've never understood blaming that other person.  The expectation is that every pregnant woman must love her pregnancy 100% and when her child is born adore every little thing about them without complaint.  Except that's unrealistic.  W stated it so eloquently "it's your own experience".


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