Valentine's day plans

Every year since we've been together, my husband and I have agreed not to exchange gifts for Valentine's day or our anniversary.  Our anniversary is usually celebrated by taking a trip together or like last year, having a nice dinner. Valentine's day on the other hand is special in its own way.  Each year we pick a restaurant, pre-order our dinner and picnic on the living room floor.  

It's a sweet tradition of ours that I very much look forward to.  We're both such homebodies that the thought of braving crowds for an overpriced dinner does not appeal.  This year is of course no exception.  So Friday night, we're pulling out a blanket, some candles and rather than popping in a movie, we're talking about babies.  How romantical right?  

Since my mini breakdown, we agreed to finally sit down and talk about what each of us wants out of this process.  I'm mixed about it for the following reasons.  

  • I will actually get Babe to talk about he wants to do should either of face real issues with our own fertility.  Testing, procedures, adoption, timelines, etc.  
  • I will be able to do the same.
  • This conversation really relies heavily on what current tests results show, what our doctors think we should do and insurance.  I know my husband and I know he won't want to talk too much about anything with so many unknowns.  I need to be assertive.  I need to be assertive.  
  • This conversation I know will become very emotional for me.  I just know it and I'm dreading it. 
With that said, I really hope Valentine's day is as memorable for good reasons as the last 8 years has been.


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