For the last three weeks I've been obsessing over getting back on the wagon with doctors.  We've been stuck with no additional testing and only a pap smear and semen analysis completed.  Since then I've been waiting for a referral to my OB/Gyn.  On Thursday, feeling down as I was, I decided to jump the gun a little early and find out what the hold up was.  Turns out the doctors office had been having trouble adding me to their referral system and me calling them pushed them to try harder.  On my way home from work Thursday I got the call that the referral had gone through! Happy Birthday DD!

So Friday I called the Gyn to make an appointment.  As soon as I told them I was coming in to talk about IF they gave me the unfortunate news that the Dr. I had chosen no longer sees patients for IF.  They did however say that his partner could and that I would have to make my appointment with her.  What, No!  I did all my research, read reviews and narrowed it down to him.  On top of that, I knew she was one of the least recommended doctor's in the area.  So no, I was not going to go to her.  What to do?  I made an appointment with my original choice anyway just as a book marker and said I'd call back.

Babe had been at a conference and was unreachable but just as I started to get discouraged, our good friend text me to see how things had been going.  It was, for lack of a better word, divine.  Haha.  We ended up talking on the phone for a while and she suggested I go rogue.  All the insurance company said was I needed an initial referral and then I could go from there.  They never said I had to attend the appointment with the referred doctor.  So with a little encouragement I set out to find a new doctor from my researched list.  After speaking with the office of my second choice, we decided it would be a good place to start.  So I booked an appointment for Thursday, called back the first Dr. to cancel and then my PCP to get the name on my referral changed just in case.

With that little boost of confidence I decided to make a phone call to an insurance advocacy group.  We still don't have Babe's analysis read and even though the test itself was covered by insurance, the insurance company denied our referral to get them read by a IF specialist.  The group suggested we see a urologist which would more than likely be covered.  They're actually working right now on finding out for sure and getting us a few recommendations.

It feels good to have a little something to look forward to.  I know it's not much and there still isn't a plan, but hey, I'll take what I can get.


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