Showering my seester

On Saturday, friends and family got together to show my sister and her new baby some love.   She chose a cute colorful mustache invitation from Pickledoodle designs on Etsy and she wanted to have brunch.  Knowing those things, we hit Pinterest and found some really creative ideas.  


Mustache balloon on the mailbox

We brought the mustaches and colors into just about everything.  For pictures we put together some colorful patterned paper bow ties and mustaches with a sign that read "Girls allowed, pick a disguise".  The favors were one of my sisters biggest cravings, crullants (cronuts) from Semi Sweet Bakery in DTLA wrapped up for breakfast on Sunday. Side note, this is the first I've had them and all I can say is, it's a good thing I live 40 miles from this place. Now back to the shower.  We made a ton of tissue paper poms in various colors to hang from the ceiling along with a cute pennant banner that said "Boy oh boy".  The menu consisted of mini pancakes, bacon wrapped fingerling potatoes (look these up, you won't be sorry), a yogurt bar, fruit and tiger tail skewers, eggs and sausage.  For dessert, our mom made cupcakes topped with chocolate mustaches.

No girls allowed, pick a disguise
Delicious brunch spread

Mustache cupcake tower

Favor table complete with crullants

Boy oh boy pennant banner

Tissue poms

I really wanted the games to be less baby and more about my sister since this is her second.  We started by having guests write cute notes on diapers so they can smile when they're elbow deep in late night changes. This was less of a game and more of a way to give my sister a gift from each and every one of us.  The next two games were baby Price Is Right and a version of the baby name game.  For Price Is Right I had them total a box of diapers, baby wash, rash cream and pacifiers.  The person with the closest to the actual pre-tax price without going over was the winner. Then again, my sister got to take home the items.  In the baby name game, we asked each guest to write down as many boy names that started with an "S" and an "R" (the letters their names start with) in 60 seconds.  I was really surprised how few people could come up with.  But it still was a really fun game.  Next we played a game I'm calling the Baby Face Mashup.  It's played by giving each guest a picture of mom and dad cut up to reveal one feature each, hair, forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, etc.  Then it was their job to create one full face using features of both parents to "see what the baby would end up looking like".  This game was hil-arious!  My sister got to choose her favorite but we all got a good laugh out of it.  The last game was the measure the belly game.  I really should have asked my sister if she wanted to do this but thankfully she wasn't put-off.

Baby face mashup game results

Late night diaper messages

All in all the shower was a huge success and everyone, most importantly my sister, had a blast.  Now baby come on, I want to meet you.


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