Weekends have more fun

The weekends are definitely more exciting for me than the week.  I feel like I could just blog about Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Monday-Thursday and still have more to say.  Let's see if I can sum it all up in today's post.

Friday night was valentine's day and our yearly tradition is to picnic as I mentioned before.  This year we planned on having hot wings and beer from our favorite "wingery", Wingnuts.  Except when we got there to place our order, the place was far from packed out so instead we opted to eat-in and catch a movie across the street.  Our table was in a quiet little corner so we were still able to have the talk which went surprisingly well.  We decided together that we were both going to try to push for whatever tests necessary to figure out what's going on between us.  We're both still not comfortable with doing invasive and expensive procedures to become pregnant so for now IUI's (Intrauterine Insemination) and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), if offered, are off the table.  We also discussed the possibility of adoption, what age, etc.  Really, the conversation just went really well.  It felt like for now we could control the uncontrollable.  

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning to get a quick haircut and the race off to my sister-in-law's house to help her sisters out with her baby shower.  Quick note about me, one of my biggest pet peeves is people who are habitually late.  It's just so rude.  Anyway, the shower came together with minutes to spare and everyone seemed pleased.  My sister/brother-in-law made out with a ton of cute outfits for their baby girl.  Since this is their second baby in 3 years, there wasn't much they needed.  

When it was over and after a little cleanup, I raced home to meet my husband for a hockey game.  We have season tickets to a local team and this was one of 3 games this weekend.  I knew it was going to be a busy weekend and I really didn't want to go to this particular game.  I had suggested he take my brother-in-law and nephew since the girls would all be winding down from the shower.  Nope he said, he wanted it to be a date night.  So when I called to ask how he wanted to do dinner, I found out that our date night turned into a trio with my father-in-law.  The rushing, the tons of things I wanted to get done, me running late, a massive migraine all coupled with them waiting out front for me when I pulled up made me lose it.  I was in a dress and sandals and had been up since 6:00 that morning for goodness sake.  I dropped my bags, told my husband I wasn't going and had a tantrum like a child.  Real mature. Once they left I grabbed a couple of extra strength ibuprofen and got working on the rest of my weekend plans.

So instead of going to the game I went to Joann's.  I decided years ago with my sister's little one that I would make all my newborn nephews and nieces a one of a kind quilt.  For the two new babies, I had been waiting for a check to come in from work before I started it.  Well they were finally released Friday with barely enough time to spare to make my nieces quilt.  For my niece I'm using pinks, purples and a little blue & green to make a triangle quilt like the one Elise made on her blog.  I was super excited because I was able to find a pretty hummingbird print to symbolize her Nona in heaven.  

For my nephew I'm planning on doing a baby blue and gray chevron quilt with little monsters on the back similar to those in Monsters Inc. (the theme of his nursery).  Since she's due in March and he in April I figured I'd start hers first. I'll try to get pictures of his soon though.

Sunday was a little better.  Babe and I spent the day relaxing, him playing video games and me cutting squares.  I'm using this tutorial to cut the triangles for both quilts.  I got all of my nieces cut already and started sewing some of them together.  Unfortunately I couldn't finish them last night because we had another hockey game to go to. Afterwards we did a craft beer run at Total Wine, went grocery shopping (I love when he goes with me) and vegged out the rest of the night.  

This week I'll probably try to get as much quilting done as possible while Babe has a video game to keep him busy. That way he won't notice I've lost track of hours upon hours in my sewing room.  Plus my birthday's on Thursday so I think I might be able to get away with it.


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