Through my time lurking on The Bumps 3T I've come to learn a few things.  Unfortunately for me, I have a hard time remembering to take information with me whenever I visit the doctor.  So when my Gyn prescribed me 100mg of Clomid and asked that I come in for 21 day labs to check my progesterone, I figured that fulfilled the "monitoring" I keep reading about.  Over the weekend though, I continued reading posts that threw up a ton of red flags.

The first being, Clomid with all it's side affects, is usually only safe up to 6 cycles in one lifetime.  Second, it can be prescribed in 50mg incremental dosages with a max of what looks like 150mg.  Lastly, because there is a tendency to conceive multiples, to produce cysts and drastically thin out the lining of your uterus it should be monitored by pre-ovulatory blood tests and pre & post-ovulatory ultrasounds.  With all of this knowledge, I contacted Dr. R's office to see if these tests were available to me.  I was told that because I was not giving myself injections of HCG (no idea what that is right now) and since Dr. R was not a fertility specialist, he did not offer that service.  

Over the last few days I've weighed that information over and over in my head.  The fact that without all of these tests my doctor was willing to prescribe me 100mg which is twice the usual recommended introduction makes me a little wary.  I have 6 chances in my life to use this drug which has no guarantee.  Do I really want to waste it and hope that it doesn't cause irreversible damage to my reproductive system before I ever set foot into a fertility specialists office? We don't have the insurance to cover a specialists testing nor do we have the money to pay out of pocket at this early stage.  

Reluctantly I shared this information with Babe to affirm my decision.  He agreed that the best course of action would be to pass on the Clomid for now.  If at the start of the year we're still in the same situation, we will have new insurance to cover these tests.  At that point I will feel more comfortable being properly tested and confirming the right dosage.  As gung ho as I was to be racing ahead after being stagnant, I really want to make sure I'm making the right choices.  After all, baby steps aren't all that bad.


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