Boards, babies and birds

Every once in a while I get the urge to join the Bumps 3T board to join in on the conversation and be support to someone else.  It's something that comes up every time I lurk through the most recent posts.  The reason I hesitate to join in now is that I'm to an extent, okay with where we're at.  I have a lot of great things happening in my life right now from my marriage to doctors and everything in between.  I know things could be better and I often get down on myself. The reality is though, when I overwhelm myself with IF thoughts, I begin to feel like I'm in a hole I can't get out of.  It's a big reason why I try to not only focus on IF in this blog.  

My personality is one that gets obsessed with emotions if I let myself get to that point.  Right now I really don't want to be there.  I want to be positive, hopeful, happy and think only of the good things that might possibly come.  Blogging has truly been therapeutic for me and at this moment, I'm content with it.  

The girls on the 3T board seem lovely and I wish I could reach through my computer screen and hug some of them. And if the time comes that I feel I need to speak with people who are in a similar situation as me I would not hesitate to introduce myself to them.  Until I'm there though, I'm going to continue to post my thoughts mixed in with anecdotes of my nephews and niece along with pictures of my newest projects I've found time to begin.  It's what works for me now.  

With that I'm going to leave you with a little something that made Monday even more significant for my family.  Since my mother-in-law passed (three years ago Friday), we've been constantly reminded of her through hummingbirds.  I know we're probably more aware of them since her passing but I tend to think at least God has a hand in it to put a smile on our faces when we see them.  Some of the interesting times they've shown up was during my sister-in-laws baby shower, during my brother-in-laws graduation and following us as we walked to the Gorilla exhibit at her zoo to scatter her ashes.  Most recently though, we were at the hospital and everyone else had gone home.  My father-in-law, brothers-in-law, sister-in-law and niece were all in the room looking out at my nephew, my husband and I playing outside their window and just above us flew this tiny hummingbird just long enough to snap a photo before flying away.  


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