Celebrating an incredible woman

Three years ago today my husband lost his mom to breast cancer after only being diagnosed 9 short months before. Through this stupid thing that we're dealing with I wish more than anything I could pick up the phone and talk to her.

We're regularly reminded of her through hummingbirds that visit us at the most important times in our lives.  Maybe it's just because we're looking for them but either way, they bring more comfort knowing she's looking down on us and has a hand in what's going on.  The time we thought we were pregnant I was on my way to visit her grave site by myself and spotted two hummingbirds.  I know as difficult as not having her here combined with us struggling to get pregnant makes for a ton of emotions.  But I know she's taking care of things for us.

"I regularly get the urge to share every day life with Janine and am quickly reminded that I can't just pick up the phone. Those fleeting moments when I think nothing has changed makes me happy.  We miss her so much.  We miss laughing with her and seeing the little ones playing with her.  We miss her spunky attitude and the pride she showed for her sons,  We miss hearing her stories and sharing our milestones.  And every day we miss how much joy she would have being a Nona to a sweet little boy and a soon to be granddaughter (something we never thought would happen).  But her legacy lives on in them and in us.  We love you Janine.  You are so incredibly missed." 


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