Day 36?

I wish things were black and white.  I wish there were definitive answers to all these questions I have about IF. Things would be so much easier that way.  I'm on day 36 or day 1 of my cycle.  I say that because I'm spotting bright red which makes me lean towards not starting my new cycle.  Then again last months cycle was about four days of just spotting.  This of course can be attributed to an anovulatory cycle which is what I think happened. Anyway, the reason why I want to know so badly is because I cannot schedule my HSG until the day I start my period.  That way the lab can accurately schedule me anywhere between cycle days 7-11.  It's all just so vague.  

On a side note, I'm becoming more and more happy with my doctors and mostly my insurance carrier.  I say that because I've had to contact Cigna a lot in the last couple of months for things like coding, specific coverage and even contract verbiage.  Other than their ridiculous automated voice system when you first call, they've been nothing but kind and helpful.  Never once hesitating when answering any of my questions.  I'm actually pretty impressed.  What's funny is you would think my experience would be skewed considering how bad my last one was.  Nope, this time it's really that good.  I almost wish I didn't wait so long to make changes.  All that time I kept making excuses for them and thinking it had to be me.  Now not so much.


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