Vacation planning

Vacation planning is one of my favorite and one of my least favorite tasks.  The reality is, if I had my way, we would be sipping long islands on the beach Cozumel, MX.  Since couples vacations usually involve more than just one person, I guess I have to share the planning process with my husband.  There are two things that bother me about this.  The first is Babe is more of a planner and I am more spontaneous.  I'd be happy with making the decision with only a couple of options to choose from.  Because of that, a vacation would be booked within a few days of my initial search. Babe on the other hand needs data, plenty of options and everything laid out in front of him.  I don't mind compiling this information for him at all.  It actually gets me more pumped for the potential vacation.  Unfortunately though, I usually spend hours upon hours gathering data for us to either completely change direction or for him to take over because it's not what he was looking for.  This process gets tiresome.  The second reason is that Babe is more cautious than I am.  I'm of the mindset that if something were to happen to me, it was meant to be that way.  It's one of the reasons I have no problem riding rickety carnival rides that whip you upside down and backwards.  But back on topic.  Babe doesn't like to step outside of his safe zone which means that trips outside of the country have certain limitations.  For starters I just got him comfortable with the idea of going to Mexico after years of prodding.  Going to a closed off resort in Mexico is different from exploring the area and sightseeing.  It may take another couple of years to get him there.  

So right now I'm in the process of narrowing down our options which are Mexico (the Gulf coast specifically), Washington DC/Gettysburg, and New Orleans.  Of the three, Mexico seems to offer the best combination of activities verses relaxation.  I would love to go to DC, I just know my PolySci major husband will want to pack as much into the trip leaving us needing a vacation after "vacation".  Then there's New Orleans.  Although it would be a cool place to be, I just don't see having enough to do there and it might be a little too boring.  With all that in mind, I'm trying not to be too bias in my offerings of hotels, flights and attractions.

On a side note, this is the first vacation we've planned that I'm not concerned what would happen if I were in pregnant. Surprisingly it's something that's been hard to do.


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