Weekend fun

This weekend was such a blast.  Exhausting but oh so worth it.  It started out with me joining my sister and the boys for Friday morning swim class and errands.  The oldest one takes lessons at a local high school in preparation for him to hopefully join the swim team like his mom and dad.  He absolutely loves the pool and anything water related. Anytime he's at our house he needs to go swimming and is always trying to talk us into taking him to the beach. Afterwards I helped him with some of his schoolwork and then we grabbed a bite to eat at Guisado's, a local taco shop.  I had such a great time hanging out with all three of them, I was bummed to even go home.  Unfortunately battling L.A. traffic to the IE on a Friday night was going to be bad.

When I got home, Babe and I packed and crashed early to get an early start the next day.  Then bright and early Saturday morning, Babe and I left for our overnight in Vegas.  First off, the drive in watching the sunrise was gorgeous. I will trade sunsets for sunrises any day.  We arrived at our hotel a little after 8, too early to
check-in, catch the shuttle to the strip or wait by the pool.  We gambled a bit and walked around until it was finally time to catch a ride.  Earlier we had looked up reviews of local restaurants that sounded good but decided to choose one only after walking around for a while. We started Vegas the way you're supposed to, with a drink from Fat Tuesday's.  After stopping off at a few places we finally decided on Mastro's Ocean Club and made a reservation for 6:00.  Then we headed over to Planet Hollywood for a bite to eat and caught the shuttle back to the hotel for check-in.  Thankfully they had a room waiting for us a little early where we could take a nap and freshen up before our night on the town.

Both Babe and I crashed for a couple hours, with just enough time to take showers and get ready.  I don't know if it was the heat or the medication I'm on but I woke up with a splitting headache and an upset stomach.  By the time we arrived at the restaurant, the Tylonel I had taken finally started to kick in but it and the cab ride over heightened my stomachache to full blown nausea. Babe ordered us a bottle of Shiraz, my favorite wine, which I was reluctant to drink with everything I was feeling. Then we ordered the sea bass for him and the halibut for me.  Both were a-mazing!  Before I was even halfway done though, I had run to the restroom 3 times thinking I was going to hurl.  The waiter felt bad and offered to box the rest and even give us the rest of the wine to go.  Sadly we couldn't since we wouldn't be back at the hotel for quite some time.  

Luckily for me, there was a CVS right outside of the Aria where we ate.  I chewed on some Pepto tablets which very quickly eased my stomach for the rest of the night.  Why didn't I get some before dinner?!  I'm still thinking about the halibut I couldn't finish.  Thankfully I was able to enjoy all of the Blue Man Group and even had enough energy do gamble afterwards.  The next morning we woke up early enough to beat the traffic again and headed home.  We even arrived early enough to spend some relaxing time in the pool and nap some more.  

I'm so grateful for my husbands willingness to take on adventures like this one.  We both had a great time trying things we never had in Vegas.  We're already planning our next trip.  


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