Last week was a little crazy.  I was pissed about the weekends events and didn't want to waste another post venting about something I cannot change.  Then there was Independence Day which also cut the week short.  But lastly, there was that ever present reminder that I am definitely not pregnant, my period.  It really began screwing with me on Monday with a little spotting here and there.  But on Thursday morning before the sun even showed its face, my period reared it's ugly head.  

Almost immediately the cramps were debilitating.  Unlike most times though, I was tortured with severe nausea throughout the morning.  The pain and sickness was so unbearable I couldn't possibly go back to sleep let alone go into work.  Right away I applied an excessive amount of heat by crawling into the Jacuzzi and later applying a heating pad so hot that I ended up burning my skin.  After swallowing a few ibuprofen and a little more rest, the pain finally subsided.  Then after one more day of bleeding and another two of spotting it was all over.  

I know I've said this before but the pain just seems to be getting worse as the months go on.  Spotting has increased up to 5 days longer but actual bleeding is shorter than when I first got off the pill.  The pain is now almost exclusively limited to the time period that I'm actually bleeding with only a tiny bit of side pain mid cycle.  My flow, although down to 2 days this cycle, was so heavy for one day I used up 8 large tampons in a 24 hour time frame.  

Per my OB/Gyn, I'm on the wait and see method that I'm not really sure how to do.  I'm guessing it's exactly what I'm doing now but who knows.  Anyway, I think it's my only choice until I can change insurance companies and find a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) to finally do a whole workup beyond all the tests I've already pushed for.  I'm just ready for someone to seriously consider endometriosis and if that is affecting my left tube as shown on my HSG.  


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