It's on

It's been decided.  And more importantly, booked.  This weekend we're going to Vegas!  I know we've been there about a million times.  In fact in our first years of datinghood, we went at least twice a year.  Both babe and I are gamblers and drinkers so we've always found common ground going to a place we both enjoy.  But up until recently, we'd always done only that.  The last couple trips however, we've ventured into hotels that weren't right on the strip and watched shows we never thought to do before.  It tends to break up the monotony.  

This trip is satisfying A) a need to get away from work and other daily life drama B) the spontaneity I know we can muster C) our craving to actually visit Vegas for something other than gambling.  We booked a room at the Rio after nearly everything else has skyrocketed, which is a first for us.  Then Babe found us two tickets to The Blue Man Group on GoldStar.  The only other thing to do is pick a kick ass restaurant in which to indulge.  So far, FB peeps have suggested a wrist band to eat at all the buffets, Caesar's Bacchanal Buffet, Hash House A Go-Go and Hugo's Cellar.  I'm not too certain I want to do a buffet, but I guess we can figure that all out later.

The short of it is, WE'RE GOING TO VEGAS IN 2 DAYS!!!


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