Hogs to holidays

So last night Babe and I finally unloaded our beautiful little joyride, a cruiser with 650cc's.  We purchased it new three years ago and rode it on and of for the first two years.  But after laying it down twice, I became more and more unsure of riding it by myself.  Since I could never fully master riding bitch without a sissy bar, we decided to garage it last year and eventually put it up for sale.  After about 6 months of posting online ads and leaving it in the driveway with a for sale sign, we finally got one bite that actually ended up paying off.  After a long evening, we said goodbye and washed our hands of it.

Before it was even sold, we'd talked about what we should do with the extra cash.  We knew most of it would go to savings but wondered how much of it we should play with and at what.  Since we've been in dire need of an adventure by ourselves, I suggested we take a weekend getaway.  Babe actually agreed and of course asked that I put together a list.  This time I made him promise that a decision could be made tonight of where we're going.  Now I just need to put stuff together that I think he'd actually like.  


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