On my mind

So much is on my mind and heart today.  Babe's younger brother is taking the California State Bar Exam today through Thursday.  He's done an amazing job studying and preparing for this, but there's of course a lot of pressure to pass on the first try.  I'm pretty sure he'll be just fine but he won't find out until November.  Then I just finished reading Liz's post over on Wishing on a Snowflake and she has me heartbroken.  After overcoming a long struggle with infertility by adopting embryos, she's now having to begin genetic testing her week old baby girl Samantha.  I don't know the other side of infertility but I can tell you the road she's already traveled is more than enough for one person/couple to bear.  I only hope answers come to them quickly and that Samantha is healthy.

As for us personally, I just received a letter from my medical group stating that my OB/Gyn will be leaving the group come August 15th.  With 2 weeks to go, I'm at a loss of what I should do.  Do I try to fit any more appointments in with him, try to find another practice right away or at least try to get my records for the last 5 months?  Thankfully I wasn't in the middle of testing with him which is making it easier to decide to just wait.  I also hope that this doesn't affect the problems I'd been having with billing.  


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