Random weekend plans

Yesterday was a rough day here at work.  But instead of asking Babe if he wanted to go for margaritas, we decided to go to dinner and a movie.  We've been wanting to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Purge: Anarchy for some time.  Since we didn't get to over the weekend and since Purge doesn't come out until tomorrow, we decided to watch Planet of the Apes last night and the midnight showing of Purge tonight.  

I'd watched the original PotA and really loved it, and its sequel was just as good.  The only two complaints I have about it are that it can seem boring since there's not a ton of dialogue while they follow the apes.  It's a legit complaint considering they're talking apes.  The second complaint was we were in quite possibly the most obnoxious movie theater ever.  To my left was a guy who apparently had another date because he literally checked his phone every 15-20 minutes.  I know because I could see the clock every time the light shone through his damn phone.  Then there was the family who brought a very talkative toddler.  Really?  There's a time and place to bring your kids to the movies. Anything that isn't rated G or PG or ends after they should be in bed should be off limits. Why do parents insist on bringing them?  Lastly there was a very boisterous family in front of us who talked to the screen the entire time.  And whenever they weren't talking about that, they had very loud conversations about other random topics.  I've only had one movie experience matching that when a woman brought her aging hard of hearing parents to see Sex in the City late so we had to sit elbow to elbow.  That one may just top last night simply for giant penises parading on the screen.

Tonight's should be good too, although I'm really dreading the lack of sleep.  I woke up early this morning to prep for lunch today.  Then tonight we're going to my brother-in-laws house before we head to the movies.  All this before I head to Surprise, Arizona to see my brother off before he deploys.  I have a couple of surprises of my own when I arrive.  But just in case my sister-in-law reads this, I'm going to wait to post about that until I get back.  

So yeah, this weekend should be pretty awesome.  


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