Mourning a different kind of loss

Being second born has its advantages and disadvantages.  For one, our parents have started to figure out parenthood and tend to be more lenient than with our older sibling.  At least that's the case in both mine and Babe's families.  On the flip side, both Babe's older brother and my older sister are both done having kids.  The first grandchildren in the family.  Who, as the oldest, have inherited many of our childhood toys, books and even cherished heirlooms.  

Dealing with IF causes you to mourn things you never thought you would.  As silly as it is, these are some of the things I've mourned.  Knowing that my children will never have the collection of books that my mom read to us growing up or the beautiful rocking chair that their grandmother rocked their dad in as a little boy.  In conversations with my mom and father-in-law recently, I've begun to notice these items being given away without giving us the consideration.  I'm not sure what is more hurtful, that our parents didn't even consider us, or they did and believed we may never need them.  


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